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Congratulations! You just took your first step towards obtaining the skills of a pornstar.

Today only: discount expires in

Congratulations! You just took your first step on learning how to have sex like a pornstar.

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How to identify, locate, and tease the clitoris (fair warning… not all clits look the same!)

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The “Pressure and Play” technique that makes her body quake with pleasure…

Is She Faking It?

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Explosive Orgasms

The pleasure spot (only recently discovered by medical researchers) that gives ANY woman an explosive orgasm… every single time

Where Not to Touch

What part of her pussy you must NEVER play with (unless you’re armed with plenty of lube)…

“Invitation” Technique

The “Invitation” technique that will make her beg you to penetrate her hard…


Where exactly is the g-spot? I’ll show you AND how to stimulate it…

“No Thrust” Method

A “no thrust” method that guarantees a clitoral orgasm…

Vulcan Technique

The Vulcan technique that makes her collapse into a mind-numbing orgasm. With this move you’ll “fuck long and prosper!”

Showerhead Secret

Do THIS with a showerhead to make her go off like a firecracker…

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The “Thigh Tide” trick to make her cum harder than she ever has before…

Squirt Academy

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